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What are the symptoms of coronavirus, and how is it treated?
The US Centers for Disease Control says little is known about the virus, but it still has some tentative answers.

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Coronavirus infections top 600,000 worldwide; Trump issues order to bring former troops back to active duty to assist in response

Here are recent updates on what’s happening in New England, the United States, and around the world. 28 minutes ago

Spain reports 832 coronavirus deaths in deadliest day yet

Spain has seen its deadliest day yet during the coronavirus crisis with 832 deaths reported on Saturday for a total of 5,690 fatalities. Infections have increased by over 8,000 in 24 hours to reach a national total of 72,248. 33 minutes ago

Coronavirus infections top 600,000 worldwide as officials brace for long fight ahead

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections worldwide topped 600,000 on Saturday as new cases stacked up quickly in Europe and the United States and officials dug in for a long fight against the pandemic. 53 minutes ago

Trump issues order to bring former troops back to active duty to assist in coronavirus response

President Trump issued an order Friday night that permits the Pentagon to bring former US troops and members of the National Guard and Reserve back to active duty to augment forces already involved in the U.S. military's response to the coronavirus pandemic,. 2 hours ago

United Nations says 86 staff members have coronavirus

Most of the infected staff members are in Europe, but there are also staffers in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the United States that have the coronavirus.


To defeat the coronavirus, America needs immigrants

The United States cannot afford to lose productive workers in the midst of a global pandemic.

Renée Loth

Old treatments for a novel coronavirus

To survive this surreal period with our sanity intact, we need to access those timeless aspects of our lives that are not dependent on technology, jet-age conveniences, or a roaring stock market.

Revere reports 52 cases of coronavirus, including seven at senior facility

“Our city is trending among the highest in the state of positive COVID-19 cases, and we need our residents to do their part and help us slow that trend,” Mayor Brian M. Arrigo said in a statement Friday.