A collection of images of creatures recently captured by photographers all over the world.--By Leanne Burden Seidel
A palm-sized baby ray in its 'Kindergarten Aquarium' at AquaDom & Sea Life in Berlin, Germany. Five little two and three-month-old undulate rays, born in Sea Life Koenigswinter, are now being raised with young cat sharks in the 'Kindergarten Aquarium' until they can move into the large undulate ray tank. The slots above the mouth that look like eyes are gills on the animal's underbelly. (Jens Kalaena/EPA)
Kai, a six week old tiger cub is seen interacting with 16-year-old Sita during a stroll at Tiger Island in the Dreamworld theme park on the Gold Coast, Australia, Sept. 7. Kai was the first tiger in seven years to be born at Dreamworld and the fourth litter to be born at Tiger Island which opened 20 years ago. (Dave Hunt/EPA)
A spider sits in its web covered with dewdrops near Debrecen, Hungary, Sept. 2. (Szolt Czegledi/EPA)
A group of young seals waiting to be fed at the seal sanctuary in Norden, Germany on Sept 11. (Carmen Jaspersen/EPA)
African lions are seen in their enclosure at the Olmense Zoo in Olmen, Belgium, Sept. 2. (Yves Herman/Reuters)
A man walks with his flock of sheep as the sun sets, in Navaz, near to Pamplona, northern Spain, Sept.16. Everyday, he walks his flock of sheep around the small town prior to the start of the cold weather. (Alvaro Barrientos/Associated Press)
A bee collects pollen from a sunflower on Sept. 18, in Dresden, eastern Germany. (Arno Burgia/AFP/Getty Images)
Two Barbary apes at the animal park which city authorities want to close, in Burg Stargard, Germany, Sept. 8. (Stefan Sauaer/EPA)
An American Avocet walks through an alkali flat on the Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, east of Malta, Mont. More than 260 birds frequent the refuge. (Ben Pierce/Bozeman Daily Chronicle via AP)
A male deer roars in a field near the village of Dobrovolya, southwest of Minsk, Sept. 20. (Vasily Fedosenko /Reuters)
A red panda cub in its pen after a morning feeding at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va., Aug. 3. Grown red pandas reach two feet in length, not counting their bushy tails. (Drew Angerer/The New York Times)
Fish swim in a cove off Portofino, Italy on Sept. 8. Populations of marine mammals, birds, reptiles and fish have dropped by about half in the past four decades, with fish critical to human food suffering some of the greatest declines. In a new report, WWF cautioned that over-fishing, pollution and climate change had significantly shrunk the size of commercial fish stocks between 1970 and 2010. (Olivier Morin/AFP/Getty Images)
A baby elephant plays as a herd of wild elephants, from a nearby hill of India's northeastern Meghalaya state, eat grass in the wetlands of Telalia, on the outskirts of Gauhati, India, Sept. 15. Due to the increasing human population and deforestation, the areas for the wildlife get reduced and encroached, and incidents of wild animals straying into cities is increasingly reported. (Anupam Nath/Associated Press)
Pink flamingos feed in the waters in Carnon in the south of France on Aug. 31. (Pascal Guyot/AFP/Getty Images)
A brown bear looks at visitors from its enclosure at the Olmense Zoo in Olmen, Belgium, Sept. 2. (Yves Herman/Reuters)
A hartebeest in Maasai Mara on Sept. 3. (Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images)
A Common Emigrant butterfly, or Lemon Emigrant (Catopsilia pomona), feeds on a flower in New Delhi, India, Sept. 8. (Harish Tyagi/EPA)
A yet to be named baby gorilla sits on top of its mother Zazie at the adventure zoo in Hanover, Germany, Sept. 7. The male baby gorilla was born on 04 September and weighs about 2,000 grams. (Holger Hollemann/EPA)
Divers work in the Great Barrier Reef exhibit at the Sea Life Aquarium, in Sydney, Australia, Sept. 1. The Aquarium's divers are taking part in an annual spring clean of the two million litre tank, cleaning out build up organic matter to keep the underwater environment in the best condition for the marine residents. (Dan Himbrechts/EPA)
Australian scientists they this could be a new species of the deadly funnel-web spider, after finding a large specimen living unexpectedly in the Booderee National Park near Jervis Bay, south of Sydney. Until now, only the Sydney funnel-web, the ground-dwelling Atrax genus and one of the world's most venomous, had been known to live in the park. (Stuart Hay/AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY via AFP/Getty Images)
A cormorant perches on a tree, from which hang the nests of weaver birds, as it looks out across Lake Ihema in search of fish to catch at dawn in Akagera National Park, Rwanda. (Ben Curtis/Associated Press)
A male baboon (Papio Hamadryas) is seen at the Safari Zoo in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, Israel, Sept. 9. For the first time at the zoo, a four-year and seven-month-old light-coloured fur baboon gave birth to a female offspring and this has led zookeepers to believe that the very rare light-coloured fur gene is likely to be passed on in their baboon troop. (Baz Ratner/Reuters)
Giant panda cubs are seen inside baskets during their debut appearance to visitors at a giant panda breeding centre in Ya'an, Sichuan province, China, Aug. 21. A total of 10 giant panda cubs that were born in the centre this year, aging from one week to two months, met visitors for the first time, local media reported. (Reuters)
A squirrel climbs up a tree carrying a walnut in Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 11. (Daniel Rheinhardt/EPA)
A blue heron takes flight over lily pads at Roxbury Pond in Roxbury, Maine. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)
A baby fuscus crocodile is pictured at Panagator, a sustainable crocodile farm, on the outskirts of Panama City Sept. 11. Gladys Vallarino, owner of the farm and of a specialty boutique shop selling items made from crocodiles, says the farm looks after more than 19,000 Acutus and Fuscus species of crocodiles and donates five percent of its crocodiles annually to the Panamanian authorities to be put into the wild, in accordance with the regulations of the CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species). The handmade fashion items sell for $200 to $3,000. (Carlos Jasso/Reuters)
A baby mountain gorilla clings to the back of its mother, right, as a male silverback, left, sits next to them on Mount Bisoke volcano in Volcanoes National Park, northern Rwanda on Sept. 4. Rwanda has named 24 baby mountain gorillas in an annual naming ceremony that reflects the African country's efforts to protect the endangered animals, which attract large numbers of foreign tourists to the volcano-studded forests where they live. (Ben Curtis/Associated Press)
A horse with a singed mane near Middletown, Calif., Sept. 15. The Valley Fire, still only 15 percent contained, has killed one person and injured four others so far, with 585 homes destroyed and hundreds more that may be but have not yet been found or recorded, according to the state fire officials. (Talia Herman/The New York Times)
A sea turtle is seen before being released by members of the Bali Marine Police at a beach in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, Sept. 17. Marine Police released some 40 sea turtles after they were seized from illegal poachers. (Made Nagi/EPA)
A sheep bahs to the photographer's camera as some 650 sheep are driven down to the valley after a summer on the alp in Vals, canton of Grisons, Switzerland, Sept. 17. (Gian Ehrenzeller/EPA)
A frog floats in a pond in Houghton Garden in Newton, Mass. The garden is open to the public, and was originally started in 1906 by its then-owner, Mrs. Clement S. Houghton, and contains water features designed by Warren Manning. (Lane Turner/Globe Staff)
Kangaroos, including one carrying a joey in its pouch, stand by the side of a road on Mount Macedon, outside Melbourne, Australia, Sept. 20. (Darrin Zammit Lupi/Reuters)
A fly sits next to rain drops on a grass stalk near Burgdorf, Germany, Sept. 14. (Julian Stratensschulte/EPA)
Komodo dragons are being fed by Surabaya zoo workers in Surabaya city, East Java province. Komodo dragons are only found on Komodo island where about 2,700 giant lizards live in the nature reserve. The carnivorous lizards, which feed on water buffalos, deer and wild boars, can grow to three meters in length and weigh more than 150 kilograms, has known to have existed on the two small Indonesian eastern islands for millions of years. (Juni Krisawanto/AFP/Getty Images)
A pair of Great Horned owlets huddle together in their nest in Drake Park to keep warm as rain storm passes through Bend, Ore, May 18. (Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin via AP)
Monkeys stand in a cage before being moved from a community in Bang Khunthian district, on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, Sept. 21. Hundreds of long-tailed monkeys will be relocated from Bang Kradi community in Bang Khunthian district to reduce conflicts between people and monkeys after intruding monkeys began destroying property when they try to approach for the food of people in the community. (Narong Sangnak/EPA)
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