International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was created by the United Nations General Assembly to highlight the struggles and achievements of women globally and to advocate for women’s rights. Photographers documented events observing this day and interesting women around the world.--By Leanne Burden Seidel
Filipino women hold placards during a protest rally to mark International Women’s Day in Manila, Philippines, March 8. (FRANCIS R. MALASIG/EPA)
Michelle Loboue, a sub-prefect of Bouake region, poses for a photograph in Bouake, Ivory Coast Feb. 6. Women have long played a dominant role in agriculture in Ivory Coast and in the sprawling markets where most Ivorians purchase their daily necessities. Now some are breaking through into the most important positions in government, administration and business - positions long held by males in this traditional society. (THIERRY GOUEGNON/EPA)
Hindu nuns sit during a rally to mark the International Women’s Day in Kolkata, India, March 8. (Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters)
Activists attend a rally to mark the International Women’s Day in Tbilisi, Georgia, March 8. (David Mdzinarishvili)
People release sky-lanterns on the eve of International Women’s Day in Manila on March 7. The event calls for the end of all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls. (NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images)
Female relatives of women prisoners shout slogans against the military and the interior ministry at an event called ‘Release Our Girls’ during International Women’s Day in front of the Press Syndicate in Cairo, Egypt, March 8. (Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters)
Young Moroccan mechanic, Oumaima Boukerch works in a garage in Rabat, Morocco, March 7. Boukerch, 23, says she had chosen a profession reserved for men in the Moroccan society, which remains intolerant toward women. (ABDELHAK SENNA/EPA)
Protesters take part in a rally to mark International Women’s Day in Santiago de Compostela, northwestern Spain, March 6. About a hundred people attended the rally to defend women’s rights, marking International Women’s Day. (OSCAR CORRAL/EPA)
Monica, 11, pastes beads on a piece of cloth at her home in New Delhi on International Women’s Day on March 8. A group of girls and young women live in a migrant colony on the outskirts of New Delhi and earn a living by working in the city’s unorganized garment industry. They paste beads and other decorative items on clothes, making less than 50 cents (Rs 30) for every two hours of work. A small group of the girls in New Delhi’s Madanpur Khadar colony have organized themselves to open a boutique with help from an NGO, hoping to earn a better income. (CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP/Getty Images)
Former comfort woman Chen Lien-hua (C) wipes tears as she talks to media during a ceremony unveiling the nameplate of a museum dedicated to Taiwan’s “comfort women” on International Women’s Day, in Taipei, Taiwan, March 8. (Fabian Hamacher/Reuters)
Ange Dede, a 29-year-old painter and decorator poses for a photograph in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, March 2. In 2012, Niale Kaba became finance minister, the first woman to hold the post in more than half a century as an independent nation. Ivorian women today work in a range of jobs, from gas-station attendant to plastic recycler and lawyer. (THIERRY GOUEGNON/EPA)
Under 14 ice hockey team of Central Sports School Budapest (KSI) captain Orsolya Soled (R) and her teammates change in the dressing room before a training session played against FTC of Budapest in FTC’s ice rink in Budapest, Hungary, March 4. (BEA KALLOS/EPA)
Romanian women activists stand blindfolded with black scarves during a performance honoring the history of feminist movements, marking the International Women’s Day in Bucharest, Romania, March 8. (Andreea Alexandru/Associated Press)
A metro worker presents flowers to female metro passengers during International Women’s Day, Moscow, Russia. (MAXIM SHIPENKOV/EPA)
A Pakistani woman named Ameena Bibi sells clay pot as the world celebrates the International Women’s Day in Karachi, Pakistan. (SHAHZAIB AKBER/EPA)
Women who took part in a project ahead of International Women’s Day hug during a meeting with Nechama Rivlin (not pictured), wife of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem March 7. The women, who are victims of sexual abuse, appeared on the cover of Israeli women’s magazine, “Laisha”, as part of a project encouraging women to speak out against sexual violence. (Ronen Zvulun /Reuters)
Astronomer, space scientist and meteorologist Andrea Opitz, senior research associate of the Space Physics and Space Technology Department of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) Wigner Research Centre for Physics (2R) wears a space suit during a cosmology exhibition in Budapest, Hungary, March 3. (BEA KALLOS/EPA)
Supporters of Pakistan’s Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) hold placards during a rally to mark International Women’s Day in Lahore on Marchi 8. Women in conservative Pakistan have fought for their rights for decades, in a country where so-called honor killings and acid attacks remain commonplace. (ARIF ALI/AFP/Getty Images)
Women’s rights activists shout slogans as they march on International Women’s Day in New Delhi, India, March 8. Activists were demanding that the Women’s Reservation Bill, which reserves Indian legislative seats for women, be passed by the Parliament among other demands. (Altaf Qadri/Associated Press)
Friba Hameed, 30, an Afghan police officer, poses for a photograph in front of a mural of herself, painted by an independent artist, outside the main gate of a police precinct to mark International Women’s Day in Kabul, Afghanistan, March 8, (Rahmat Gul/Associated Press)
Acid attack survivors get ready backstage before walking the ramp as a display of courage during an event organized by an NGO ahead of the International Women’s Day, Bhopal, India, March 6. According to the show organizers, the event was organized to show the courage and determination of the acid attack survivors. Acid attacks are mostly common in Cambodia, Pakistan, Afganistan, India, Bangladesh and other nearby countries. It is estimated that some 80 per cent of the victims of acid attacks are female and 40 per cent of them are under 18 years of age. (SANJEEV GUPTA/EPA)
Trombonist Mariann Krasznai rehearses before a Budapest Festival Orchestra concert at the concert hall of the Mupa cultural venue in Budapest, Hungary. (BEA KALLOS)
Filipino National Youth Commission chairman Gio Tingson (C) wearing women’s shoes participates a parade of male on high heels on the eve of International Womens Day in Quezon city, east of Manila, Philippines, March 7. (FRANCIS R. MALASIG/EPA)
Nepalese young girls cheer and dance during in a concert to mark International Women’s Day in Kathmandu, Nepal, March 8. (NARENDRA SHRESTHA/EPA)
Israeli pregnant women show their bellies painted by Israeli body artist Tal Bracha in Zippori, northern Israel. Tal Bracha specialized in belly painting that became very popular in Israel, as women want to keep a memory from their pregnancy period. Many women invite the artist for a ‘pregnancy evening’ that includes painting and sharing their experiences. (ABIR SULTAN/EPA)
Participants carry banners and shout slogans during a rally in Istanbul, Turkey, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. (DENIZ TOPRAKEPA)
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