Boston’s Theatre District

Photographer Craig F. Walker spent time documenting the scene in Boston’s lively Theatre District. At the edge of diverse neighborhoods, the area is full of art, entertainment, and history. Many walks of life cross paths on the streets that are home to a bustling nightlife.
Keith Clark of Boston smokes a cigar outside L.J.Peretti Co. on Charles Street in the Theatre District. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
A woman drives her scooter through the intersection of Boylston and Tremont streets. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Artist Wen-ti Tsen works on an exhibit outside the China Trade Center on Boylston Street. Tsen has installed life-sized portraits of local Chinese historical figures throughout the area. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Mario Etedali of Beverly enjoys a meal at Fin’s Sushi Grill on Boylston Street. He visits the restaurant once a week after work. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Pedestrians protect themselves from the rain at the intersection of Tremont and Stuart streets. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Melissa Sousa, of Braintree laughs during a security check by Steve Carbalho before entering a Blue Man Group performance at the Charles Playhouse. Sousa was celebrating with Michelle Brewer (right), who just turned 40. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
A member of Blue Man Group. The Charles Playhouse has been home to the quirky performance artists since 1995. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Doorman Orman Beckles, known as Orman the Doorman, encourages clubgoers to move on as they depart the Royale and Candibar nightclubs on Tremont Street. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Qutul Greene and her daughter Saniyah walk past the Ritz-Carlton hotel after catching a movie. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
The lobby of the Shubert Theatre on the premiere night for “Priscilla Queen of the Desert.” (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Dmitri Gunn and Thassia Robetti wait for their car after having dinner at the Ritz-Carlton. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Paul, a homeless man, panhandles on Tremont Street. He said he’s been homeless for five years. On a good night, he can make about $30. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
A doorman checks a woman’s ID outside the Royale and Candibar nightclubs on Tremont Street. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Adam Cox, Karl Ward, and Colt Reid (left to right) enjoy a meal at New York Pizza on Tremont Street. The group had just attended a Red Sox game and were happy about a Boston victory. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
A photograph of Tremont Street (circa 1960) hangs above the bar at The Tam, near the corner of Tremont and Lagrange streets. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Esley and Suzanne Hamner of Cambridge cross Washington Street after seeing “Carmen” at the Boston Opera House. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
As their night out nears an end, a group of women take a selfie in the Theater District. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Jacob Riedel has a shot of tequila while drinking with friends at The Tam. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Young men and women wait to enter the Royale and Candibar nightclubs. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Clubgoers congregate on the sidewalk after departing the nightclubs on Tremont Street. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
A woman walks along Lagrange Street in the Theatre District. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
A man falls to the ground while standing in line to enter the nightclubs. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Edmar Goncalves and Jessica Pina celebrate a friend’s birthday at Candibar nightclub on Tremont Street. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo checks on a man who had passed out on Tremont Street. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo (left) and Sergeant William Gallagher escort the man to an ambulance. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
Marie-Claude Misson and Steeve Gagnon of Quebec walk along Washington Street after seeing “Carmen.” (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)
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