Snows of winters past

A look back at snowy scenes in Massachusetts.
Jan. 25, 1930--Children on the Boston Common welcomed the announcement from the Boston Parks Department that sliding conditions were good on the toboggan slide situated near the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. The Common slide was a double affair, two wooden runways extended from the hill overlooking the ball fields down toward Charles St. The slides were well constructed and long enough to give sufficient momentum to carry sleds or toboggans almost to the Charles St. gates of the Common. (Boston Globe Archive)
March 22, 1935--Snow falls in downtown Boston during a spring storm. (Boston Globe Archive)
Jan. 24, 1932 --More than 600 New Yorkers arrive on the “Snow Clipper” train, operated by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company, to ski at Bousquet Mountain in Pittsfield. From the railroad they are transported by Berkshire Street Railway Company busses. (Boston Globe Archive)
Dec. 8, 1938-- Children coasting on Fenwood Road in Roxbury. (Boston Globe Archive)
Feb. 14, 1940-- Office women who had started home at five could be seen hours later staggering through snow drifts in high heels. Winds reached gale force of 60 miles an hour and it whipped the snow into impenetrable drifts. (Boston Globe Archive)
Feb. 19, 1940--Traffic is tied-up from North Market Street to Haymarket Square entrance to the East Boston tunnel due to snow. (Boston Globe Archive)
Feb. 15, 1940-- Snow was higher than the tops of cars in places along Route 27 in Medfield. And the road was none too wide either. (John Sheahan/Globe Staff)
Dec. 9. 1940--The start of a big sled race on Sewall St. in Somerville. (Boston Globe Archive)
Feb. 15, 1940 --Crews dig out the street on Newspaper Row from the blizzard in which winds reached 100 miles an hour on top of the Empire State Building. As far as Boston was concerned the Weather Bureau said in the same edition, the worst part of the storm would go out to sea south of Boston. The official forecast reported: “Snow this afternoon, probably mixed with rain.” (Boston Globe Archive)
1945 -- A horse drawn carriage moves through the snow in front of Faneuil Hall after a winter storm. (Paul J. Maguire/Globe Staff)
March 20, 1945--People walk through the snow down the street in Boston. (Thomas O'Connor/Globe Staff)
March 16, 1956 --People out and about in the harsh March blizzard of 1956. (Charles Dixon/Globe Staff)
March 5, 1960-- A horse drawn carriage rides past a sign for Florida, Mass. (Associated Press)
March 5, 1960-- People shovel snow on Everett Street in Dorchester in Boston after a snowstorm. (Edmund Kelley/Globe Staff)
Dec. 12. 1960-- A holdup suspect, frozen still after companions fled, is dragged through the snow by sled to an ambulance by police in Dorchester. (Ollie Noonan Jr./Globe Staff)
Dec. 12, 1960-- Cars abandoned in the snow block the entrance to Morrissey Boulevard from Kosciuszko Circle in Boston at 3 p.m. (Edward F. Carr/Globe Staff)
Dec. 12, 1960--A woman wades through a snow drift in Park Square in Boston. (Joe Dennehy/Globe Staff)
Jan 20, 1961--Young residents along Winthrop Shore Drive play a hazardous game with violent waves during a storm. As surf crashes against wall, the boys dash away to avoid deluge. (LeRoy Ryan/Globe Staff)
Feb. 27, 1969--Homes covered in snow in West Peabody. (Ed Jenner/Globe Staff)
Feb 5, 1974--A sign in the snow at Boston’s Public Garden reads, “Please keep off the grass.” (Ulrike Welsch/Globe Staff)
Dec. 26, 1975--The John F. Fitzgerald Expressway underpass in Boston’s North End filled with water, causing problems for pedestrians. (Ted Dully/Globe Staff)
Dec. 26, 1975-- Stephen Bagley, 8, is king of the mountain of snow blocking Grew Avenue in Boston’s Roslindale. (Charles B. Carey/Globe Staff)
May 10, 1977-- Lilacs are covered in snow at Flaccstead Farm in Littleton, Mass. after a spring snowstorm. (Ed Jenner/Globe Staff)
Jan. 20, 1978-- People make their way through high winds and snow at Columbia Circle. Cars were stuck in shifting snow. (Tom Landers/Globe Staff)
Jan. 22, 1978: South Boston residents dig their cars out of the snow on Farragut Road. (William Ryerson/Globe Staff)
Feb 6, 1978--A person walks through City Hall Plaza in Boston during the ‘78 blizzard. (Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff)
Feb. 7, 1978-- People use cross-country skis to get around on Summer Street in Boston during a record-breaking blizzard. The storm dropped 23.6 inches of snow on Boston over 32 hours and 40 minutes, between Feb. 5 and Feb. 7, making the total snowfall 27.1 inches. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
Feb. 7, 1978-- Falling and drifting snow surrounds a car on Morrissey Blvd. while a woman tries to dig out her car. (John Blanding/Globe Staff)
Feb. 8, 1978--Vehicles are snowbound on Route 128 South in the aftermath of a massive blizzard. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
April 7, 1982-- A woman walks across the Christian Science Center, after a spring snowstorm in Boston. (Ted Dully/Globe Staff)
Jan 5, 1987--A man snowplows a path between home heating oil tanks in Dracut, Mass. (Bill Greene/Globe Staff)
April 6, 1997--Fenway Park after the April blizzard. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
April 1, 1997--A person walks through the snow in Beacon Hill on Mt Vernon Street after the April Fools Blizzard of ‘97. (Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff)
Dec, 7, 2003--Patriots fans celebrate after a storm dropped over two feet of snow on Foxborough before the AFC East title game against the Dolphins. (Davis, Jim Globe Staff)
Jan 23, 2005-- Route 128 was nearly deserted at around 11:00am during a major snow storm, (Kreiter, Suzanne Globe Staff)
March 3, 2015-- Boston Public Garden covered in snow. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
Feb. 15, 2015-- Blizzard Neptune descends with white out conditions on Newbury Street. (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff)
Feb. 6, 2015-- Jose Luis Bavahona(left) and fellow worker Pawel Szymanski shovel out snow on Appleton Street to make a walkway to the building they are rehabbing. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)
Jan. 27, 2015-- Noah Bicchieri, 29, leans against the wall as he walks between his house and his neighbor’s house with his dog, Caruso, on Plum Island. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)
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