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Marijuana consumers spent $2.6 million in second week of Mass. recreational pot sales

A marijuana plant in San Luis Obispo, Calif.
A marijuana plant in San Luis Obispo, Calif.Richard Vogel/Associated Press/File

Customers spent $2.6 million on marijuana products during the second week of recreational sales in the state, surpassing the $2.2 million customers spent during the shorter first week.

From Nov. 26 to Dec. 2, with businesses operating every day of the week, customers spent a total of nearly $2.6 million on 65,196 different products. The first week’s revenue only included five business days — both stores opened on a Tuesday and were closed on Thanksgiving — and the revenue total was just over $2.2 million.

The busiest day for sales last week was Friday, when customers bought 11,381 products for a total of about $461,000. Saturday came in second for revenue with customers spending a total of nearly $420,000.


Customers during Week 2 bought, on average, fewer products at once than customers who purchased marijuana products during Week 1. During the opening week, customers bought an average of 3.4 products in each transaction. By the second week, on average, customers bought 2.9 products at a time.

Customers spent the most per product on Thursday: an average of $40.81 per item. Friday was close behind, with the average price per product coming in at $40.51.

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