It’s been just over a month since recreational marijuana stores began opening in Massachusetts, and the commissioners of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission have a few things they want consumers to remember.

In a series of short video clips posted to the commission’s YouTube account on Sunday, commission chairman Steven J. Hoffman and commissioners Kay Doyle, Jennifer Flanagan, Britte McBride, and Shaleen Title, each shared a few pieces of advice.

Here are the key things they want marijuana consumers to know:

Don’t drive under the influence of marijuana

Marijuana consumers need to be aware and informed about the ways marijuana can affect them, McBride said.

“Know how marijuana is going to affect you and don’t be behind the wheel of a car when it does,” she said. “Make plans for sober transportation.”


Hoffman reiterated the point, too: “Please, please, please don’t drive after consuming marijuana.”

Marijuana is legal, but you can’t use it everywhere

The adult use of recreational marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but that doesn’t mean you can use marijuana products anywhere you’d like.

Smoking marijuana is not allowed in public, Doyle said in her video, adding that you also can’t smoke marijuana products where smoking tobacco is already prohibited.

There may be restrictions on using marijuana products in your home, as well, Hoffman said.

“Please understand that landlords, municipalities, employees can have their own rules with respect to marijuana consumption. Please be aware of them,” Hoffman said.

Read the warning labels

Warning labels are required on the packages of all products sold at retail stores, Hoffman said, and it’s important that customers read them to understand what’s in the products they’re using.

“Understand, ask questions if you have them,” Hoffman said.

Start low, go slow

If you’re new to using edibles, the key thing is this: “Start low, go slow.”

Start by taking one serving, Title said in her video, “give it a few hours and see how you feel.”

“You can always take more next time,” she said.


Talk to your kids about marijuana

With recreational marijuana stores opening across the state, now is the “perfect time to begin talking to your kids about marijuana,” Flanagan said.

Parents can get tips about talking to their kids about marijuana at moreaboutmj.org, Flanagan said.

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