AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine lawmakers are set to finish up their 2019 legislative session and tidy up work on marijuana sales, gun control, and online sports betting bills.

The Legislature’s last scheduled day is Wednesday. Lawmakers say they hope to finish their remaining work Wednesday, even if that means working until late at night.

Lawmakers have yet to pass rules and regulations to allow the sale of legalized recreational marijuana, though votes are possible Wednesday.

The state’s rules are designed to allow municipalities to opt in or out of allowing sales of adult-use marijuana, which voters legalized in 2016.

Maine could also ban adults from furnishing tobacco products to anyone under age 21 and prohibit drug manufacturers from illegally marketing and distributing opioid medication.


Another bill would prohibit drivers from ‘‘using, manipulating, talking into or otherwise interacting with a handheld electronic device or mobile telephone.’’ Maine would allow drivers to use such devices only in hands-free mode, and drivers would face a fine of at least $50 for the first offense and $250 for subsequent offenses.

Legislators will also decide which bonds to send to voters and how to dole out roughly $6 million in funds left over from budget negotiations. Unfunded bills that passed the Legislature include a switch from presidential caucuses to primaries.

The Legislature also faces votes on aid for non-citizens, a flavored tobacco ban, and a prohibition on illegally marketing and distributing opioid medication.

Bills addressing the Electoral College and court orders to surrender firearms face steep odds.