Detecting pot use in drivers will be tricky

Michael Swensen for The Boston Globe/File

With recreational marijuana stores now open, officials are working with urgency to address a potential rise in stoned drivers.

// State shuts down medical marijuana operator over pesticide use

Triple M, which operates dispensaries in Mashpee and Plymouth, was closed by health regulators.

// Cannabis commission moves ahead with 10-year Worcester headquarters lease

The Cannabis Control Commission is hoping to move into its permanent headquarters at Union Station in Worcester by mid-2019.

// State Police arrest three for trying to smuggle 150 lbs of pot through Logan Airport

The marijuana was allegedly all wrapped in plastic bags packed into suitcases.

Salem MA: 12-15-2018: Salem City Councilor Josh Turiel (cq) made the first ceremonial purchase, at the ATG Marijuana dispensary in Salem.Photo/Jonathan Wiggs Boston Globe staff

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Salem shop is third in Massachusetts to offer recreational marijuana sales

Alternative Therapies Group started selling recreational marijuana Saturday morning, using a reservation system to manage potential crowds of customers.

Kieron Vaughn lit up a marijuana cigarette outside the Harvest Cup event in Worcester.

Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

With marijuana shops open, pot convention gets serious

Less than a month after the debut of legal marijuana sales in the commonwealth, thousands descended on Worcester for the second annual Harvest Cup.


// Rhode Island might be peer pressured into legalizing marijuana by neighbors, governor hints

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo seems to be suggesting that the state could face consequences and costs if it doesn’t move along with its neighbors to legalize marijuana.


// Marijuana’s ten biggest victories of 2018

This year was a pivotal one for marijuana.

// Maine shuts down pot Facebook page after critics poke fun

The state of Maine has shut down a Facebook page detailing the potential dangers of marijuana use in response to a satirical page launched by pro-pot critics.

// Marijuana merchants have something to learn from Tide pods

As marijuana grows up, the clear plastic baggie just won’t do anymore.

// Higher percentage of California pot passing safety tests

During the first two months, the failure rate was about 20 percent, but state data collected through November showed improvement.

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// Are recreational marijuana companies preparing to open in your community? Check our maps

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// Pot shops face bans in most of Mass.

A review of local restrictions heightens concerns that the early adult-use pot market will be smaller than many consumers expected.

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