DENVER - Up to 78 Air Force Academy cadets cheated on an online calculus test by getting help during the exam from a website, the academy said Wednesday.

Most of the cadets took responsibility for their actions and have begun a six-month remediation program, a type of academic probation, said Lieutenant Colonel John Bryan, an academy spokesman.

Bryan did not know how many cadets have been ordered to take the remediation program. Some are still awaiting their turn before an honor board.

If cadets deny cheating but the academy determines they did cheat, they could be expelled, he said.

“Are they going to make mistakes? You bet,’’ Bryan said. “But we expect them to own up to it.’’


The Cadet Honor Code states, “We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.’’ Penalties for violating the code range from probation to expulsion.