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Christopher Stevens first American ambassador to be slain on duty since 1979

US ambassadors killed in terror attacks

John Gordon Mein, Guatemala (Aug. 28, 1968): Mein was ordered out of his limo and shot in Guatemala City by guerrillas.

Cleo A. Noel Jr., Sudan (March 1, 1973): Noel was killed in an attack by guerrillas from the militant group Black September in the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Sudan.

Rodger P. Davies, Cyprus (Aug. 19, 1974): Davies was shot during a protest against the embassy after Turkey invaded Cyprus.

Francis E. Meloy Jr., Lebanon (June 16, 1976): Meloy, his economic adviser, and their driver were kidnapped by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and shot. The killers were acquitted in 1996 on the grounds that their cases fell within the scope of a 1991 amnesty law that covers crimes committed during wartime.


Adolph Dubs, Afghanistan (Feb. 14, 1979): Dubs was kidnapped by armed militants and held in the Kabul Hotel. They demanded the release of Badruddin Bahes, an imprisoned leader of their party. After an exchange of gunfire between Afghan police and the kidnappers, an American Embassy medical team found Dubs seated in a chair with several bullet wounds in his head and chest.

SOURCE: Washington Post