Union to aid officer who hit woman

PHILADELPHIA — Members of the city’s police union are planning a fund-raiser for a lieutenant who is being fired for punching a woman at a parade, an encounter caught on video.

Earlier this month, the police commissioner announced that Lieutenant Jonathan Josey was suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss.

Mayor Michael Nutter apologized to the woman, saying he was ‘‘appalled,’’ “sickened,’’ and ‘‘ashamed’’ by the video. It shows Aida Guzman, 39, being struck in the face and falling to the ground, her face bloodied, then being led away in handcuffs at a street festival associated with the annual Puerto Rican Day parade.


The Philadelphia Daily News reported that union members are supporting Josey and holding a five-hour, $30-a-person fund-raiser for him on Oct. 28.

Associated Press