Teen went to church after killing family

ALBUQUERQUE — The teen accused of killing his family and plotting to randomly gun down Walmart shoppers spent much of the day after the early morning slayings at his church, wandering the campus with dozens of Sunday school teachers.

But former officer and Calvary Albuquerque security chief Vince Harrison said it wasn’t until hours later that he knew something was wrong.

Harrison was called back to the church that evening after 15-year-old Nehemiah Griego told a pastor he found his family dead in their home. ‘‘When I met Nehemiah, I knew something wasn’t right,’’ Harrison said. After finding the bodies, sheriff’s officials took the teen to headquarters. During questioning, he confessed to shooting his mother and three siblings, then waiting in a bathroom with a semi-automatic rifle to ambush his father upon his return from an overnight shift at a homeless shelter.

Associated Press