No indictment in disabled Md. man’s death

FREDERICK, Md. — A Frederick County grand jury on Friday declined to indict three sheriff’s deputies involved in the asphyxiation death of a man with Down syndrome, prompting the man’s family to question the thoroughness of the investigation by the officers’ co-workers.

Robert Ethan Saylor’s parents, Patti and Ronald Saylor, want to review the investigative file compiled by the sheriff’s office and the state medical examiner’s autopsy report before deciding whether to pursue civil action, Baltimore lawyer Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum said. Neither file was available for public inspection. ‘‘The family is extremely disappointed and saddened by the grand jury’s decision,’’ Krevor-Weisbaum said. ‘‘The inquiry into events on that terrible night is not going to stop here.’’

Saylor, 20, died Jan. 12 after the deputies, moonlighting as Westview Promenade mall security officers, tried to remove him from a Regal Cinemas Westview Stadium 16 auditorium at the management’s request.


His caretaker had gone outside to get the car after a screening of ‘‘Zero Dark Thirty,’’ and Saylor had returned to a theater seat, his family’s lawyers said. Saylor ended up handcuffed on the floor after he became ‘‘verbally and physically resistant’’ to the deputies.

Associated Press