$17m estimate for Eisenhower Memorial change

WASHINGTON — Scrapping a disputed design for a planned Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial near the National Mall and developing an alternate concept over the next five years would cost about $17 million, analysts have found.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office developed the estimate based on a House bill that would have the 14-year-old memorial project redesigned. The current memorial concept by architect Frank Gehry has been criticized by some, including Eisenhower’s family, as being ‘‘too extravagant’’ and too ‘‘avant-garde.’’

Representative Rob Bishop, a Utah Republican, called for a new design with the family’s support. He said Friday that he was skeptical of the budget office’s projection, saying that analysts took data from the current memorial commission staff members who are trying to save their jobs.


The Eisenhower family has called for a simple memorial and has objected to Gehry’s idea of metal tapestries.

Associated Press