Six killed after police cruiser, car collide in Ohio

UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio — Police say the camera from a police cruiser shows an officer had entered an intersection with a green light when his vehicle struck a car, killing all six members of a family.

Perry Township Chief of Police Robert Oppenheimer said the footage shows the victims’ Toyota Corolla enter the intersection on a red light and then stop before the crash.


The officer, from Upper Arlington, a suburb of Columbus, was responding to an armed robbery report when the crash occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. Friday. Officials say the cruiser’s lights were flashing and the siren was on.

Police say a Columbus man was driving the other car, with his wife and their four daughters — ages 16, 14, 12, and 2 — as passengers. No one was wearing a seat belt, and the toddler was not in a child seat, Oppenheimer said.

‘‘That car was just totaled, and they probably died instantly,’’ he said. Autopsies were planned.

The officer, who had been traveling alone, was being treated for a serious head injury at a hospital but was in stable condition, said Jason Pappas, head of the local police union.

Associated Press

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