Kerry says Iran deal would be fail-safe

US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to the media Friday at the State Department.
US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to the media Friday at the State Department.(Michael Reynolds/EPA)

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Thursday that any deal negotiated with Iran would be ‘‘failsafe” and guarantee that Tehran will not have the capacity to develop nuclear weapons.

Trying to reassure skeptical lawmakers and US allies, Kerry told MSNBC that the Obama administration wants time to negotiate a deal with Iran that would protect Israel, US interests, and the region and ‘‘guarantee failsafe that Iran will not be able to have a nuclear weapon.”

Kerry said he spoke shortly before the televised interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to assure him that the United States understands Israel’s deep concerns about Iran’s nuclear program, which it sees as a threat to its security. Kerry said he told Netanyahu that the United States and Israel both agree that Iran should not be allowed to become a nuclear-armed nation.


But he said that while the Obama administration wants Congress to hold off on imposing new sanctions while negotiations continue, Israel wants to see more sanctions to force Tehran to surrender any nuclear weapons capabilities.

Kerry, who has been briefing lawmakers on the most recent negotiations with Iran that took place in Geneva last week, said that Iran would probably view new US sanctions as a ‘‘bad faith’’ move and embolden hard-liners there.

Associated Press