A look at William Bratton

William J. Bratton

AGE 66, born in Boston.

EXPERIENCE Consultant for private security firms and Oakland, Calif., police, 2009-2013; commissioner of Los Angeles Police Department, 2002-2009; security consultant, 1996-2002; commissioner of New York Police Department, 1994-1996; commissioner of Boston Police Department, 1992-1993; chief of New York City Transit Police, 1990-1992; chief of police for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, 1983-1986; Boston police officer, 1970-1983; US Army veteran.

EDUCATION Bachelor’s degree in law enforcement from Boston State College; graduate of the FBI National Executive Institute; senior executive fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

FAMILY Wife, Rikki Klieman, an attorney. A son, David Bratton.


SIGNATURE BELIEFS Proponent of ‘‘broken windows theory,’’ a belief that low-level offenses lead to larger crimes and therefore the small offenses should be prosecuted; helped create Compstat, crime-mapping system that allows police to better deploy resources.