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LOS ANGELES — The old Los Angeles Hall of Justice has received a dazzling restoration.

But a single grim artifact has been preserved: the claustrophobic jail cell occupied by Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, and other high-profile defendants.

The cell is in the basement where the county coroner once performed autopsies on Marilyn Monroe and Senator Robert F. Kennedy in the building that also saw the trials of Bugsy Siegel and movie stars Robert Mitchum and Charlie Chaplin.

The Hall of Justice opened in 1926 as an all-purpose justice center, providing 17 courtrooms, 750 jail cells, a morgue, and offices for law enforcement officials.


Its proximity to Hollywood made it a site of famous trials and fictional movie and TV shows, including ‘‘Dragnet’’ and ‘‘Get Smart.’’

In 1949, movie star Robert Mitchum, convicted of marijuana possession, served his 60-day sentence there.

The 12-floor edifice was restored at a cost of $231.8 million.

Associated Press