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Inside Hillary Clinton’s latest e-mail dump

Hillary Rodham ClintonWilfredo Lee/AP

The latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails were posted on the State Department’s website late last night. This tranche included about 4,300 e-mails – and 125 of them contained information that the intelligence community redacted as classified.

The increasing pile of “upgraded” e-mails will continue to haunt Clinton’s campaign. Clinton has said that she didn’t send or receive e-mails that were marked classified via her unusual private server. The Justice Department is investigating how classified information was handled and Clinton is set to appear in October before a House panel that will grill her on the topic. Fresh batches of e-mails are being released at the end of every month until January per a court order.


Like in previous e-mail releases, there was little obvious news aside from the redactions. However, the messages do provide a window into Clinton’s private moments – and reveal a sense of her beyond the disciplined, on-message public face she typically shows.

Here are some of our favorite e-mails:

Help desk confusion

The State Department’s Help Desk tried to figure out what the heck was going on with Clinton’s e-mail address.

Exchanging e-mail addresses

Clinton paid close attention to which e-mail address her staff used too. Here, she instructed staffer Cheryl Mills to provide another aide’s “state e-mail” to a person seeking a “more direct and personal” way of communicating with Clinton.

‘Delete after reading’

This message – sure to be replayed in GOP-funded attack ads if Clinton is the nominee – features the secretary of state asking that an e-mail she sent be deleted.

‘Go get ‘em!’

E-mails include some good news for former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley – who is lagging far behind Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination. Clinton went out of her way to compliment him.

‘Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas’

Like previous releases, this batch of e-mails included a gush of political news from Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal. They oddly included a 7-page document written by David Brock entitled “Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas.”


‘Effort for Liberal Balance to G.O.P. Groups Begins’

In another, Blumenthal sends Clinton a news story about the launch of American Bridge, an opposition research group aimed at helping Democrats. Clinton responded: “That’s a good launch story. Congrats to all.”

Coffee? No, tea

Clinton revealed more about her choices in beverages. In an interview this year she was a little wishy-washy on whether her takes her coffee black or with milk. Perhaps that’s because she’s a tea drinker. And wants skim milk.