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The news that Harriet Tubman would soon replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill was met Wednesday with praise among advocates who have fought for women to be represented on US currency.

But according to Google Trends, there were plenty needing a refresher on the abolitionist icon who helped free hundreds of slaves.

“Who is Harriet Tubman?” was the top searched question on Google Wednesday afternoon, according to the search engine.

Tubman, of course, was a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad in the mid-1800s, making trips to the South to aid escaped slaves on their journey north.


She is said to have aided more than 300 slaves over ten years, and is memorialized in statues in New York and Boston.

In addition to Tubman, many appeared confused over the man she is replacing: the second most-searched question related to Harriet Tubman was “Who is on the $20 bill?”