Oops! NYU says sorry for accidentally saying professor won Nobel

Well, that’s embarrassing.

The website for New York University’s Stern School of Business posted a statement announcing a press conference with Professor Paul Romer, currently on leave as chief economist at the World Bank, for winning the 2016 Nobel Prize in economics.

Just one problem: The award won’t be announced until Monday. The page quickly disappeared, but not before gathering some notice, thanks to the Internet Archive website, which preserves pages as they appeared, including the inadvertent NYU release.

‘‘We are deeply distressed that a draft test Web page, not officially linked to our website, unintentionally became viewable on the Web,’’ NYU Stern said in an e-mailed statement. ‘‘It does not reflect the Nobel committee’s decision, or any special insight or advance information we had.’’


The statement, sent by spokeswoman Carolyn Ritter, added that the press release was prepared for the ‘‘possibility’’ that Romer might win.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which awards the prize each year, declared the press release inaccurate.

‘‘The laureate or laureates won’t be told until Monday after a decision has been made at the meeting that’s held just before it’s made official,’’ said Jessica Balksjoe Nannini, a spokeswoman.

Bloomberg News