Hurricane Matthew brought destruction from Florida to South Carolina earlier this month, but it may have also brought something else: A massive shark tooth that experts say could be millions of years old.

Nat and Peggy Cambell were walking along the shore in North Myrtle Beach the day after the hurricane hit when they said they spotted the 5-inch-long tooth. An expert at a local aquarium later said it belonged to a Megalodon, the world’s largest, now-extinct, shark.

“They told me down there it was a Megalodon and that it’s millions of years old,” Nat Campbell told the Sun News. “The shark itself grew up to be 50 to 60 feet long. It’s just amazing to me that something that old could still be around.”


The Megalodon, which lived 25 to 1.5 million years ago, could grow to be 60 feet long. By comparison, great white sharks typically grow to be about 16 feet long, and their teeth only grow to be about three inches long.