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Watch: Pa. high school students holding Trump sign yell ‘white power’

Two students at a Pennsylvania high school started the first schoolday after the election by carrying a Donald Trump sign and calling out “white power” in the halls.

Renie Mezzanotte, a spokeswoman for York County School of Technology in York, Pa., confirmed a video showing the unidentified students that has been circulating on social media.

Administrators immediately “squelched” the incident and disciplined the students, Mezzanotte said. The other students were sent to their classes, and no other incidents have taken place since then, the spokeswoman said. The school resource officer is also involved.

Four students have been disciplined so far, and “others are in process,” Mezzanotte wrote Friday in response to a follow-up query from the Globe. The school enrolls 1,680 students.


A phone call went out to parents Wednesday morning to let them know the administration is dealing with the situation and that the school is safe, according to Mezzanotte.

Mezzanotte did not identify the students involved nor did she know the specific punishments. She also said she did not know whether the students had been disciplined before.

Security measures remain the same at the school, which include locked doors and requiring visitors to check in, according to the spokeswoman.

The incident in York preceded nationwide protests in cities like Boston as well as reports that women in hijabs were attacked by men invoking President-elect Trump.

Nearly two-thirds of the voters in the county where the school is located backed Trump in Tuesday’s election. The battleground state of Pennsylvania went for Trump as well.

York County has about 440,000 residents, nearly 90 percent of whom are white, according to the Census.

The city of York is about 100 miles west of Philadelphia.

Map: York, Pa.

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