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Trump posts tweet of inauguration crowd photo — but the date is wrong

Spectators watched Donald Trump’s inauguration last week.Scott Olson/Getty Images

President Donald J. Trump took time out of a busy day Tuesday to tweet a photo of his inauguration last Friday. But, oops!, the photo was mistakenly dated the day after his inauguration.

The photo was taken by Abbas H. Shirmohammadi. Trump thanked Shirmohammadi in his tweet.

The photo said it showed the front steps of the flag-bedecked Capitol on Inauguration Day and the crowds gathered there.

The picture bears the wrong date, however, saying it was taken on Jan. 21. That was Saturday, a day after the inauguration ceremony.

The size of the crowd on Jan. 20 and what happened the next day have been touchy topics for the Trump administration.


Huge crowds protested against Trump in Washington and across the country on Jan. 21.

Trump’s spokesman lashed out at the media that day for reporting on the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd, which was smaller than the crowds for President Obama’s 2009 swearing-in.