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Prankster gets president on phone


Prankster makes call to president

NEW YORK — President Trump likes to field his own phone calls and dislikes protocol. So on Wednesday, when radio shock jock John Melendez dialed the White House impersonating a senator’s aide, he found himself patched through to Trump on Air Force One. The result was a six-minute conversation on immigration and the Supreme Court. Trump thought at first he was taking a call from Senator Robert Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey. The White House had no comment. (New York Times)


Republican wins congressional race

AUSTIN — Former Republican Party county chairman Michael Cloud topped a crowded, bipartisan special election field Saturday to succeed disgraced ex-Texas congressman Blake Farenthold. Farenthold, a Republican, abruptly resigned in April amid allegations of sexual harassment. Cloud managed to capture a majority of the votes cast — meaning a fourth election, a runoff between Saturday’s top two finishers, won’t be necessary.


Identity theft hits oldest man in US


AUSTIN — Someone obtained the personal information of a Texas resident who is believed to be the oldest man in the United States and used it to drain his bank account. The family of Richard Overton says Social Security and banking account numbers for the 112-year-old Austin man were used to make seven withdrawals over several months. The amount was not disclosed. (AP)