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Dozens of ravenous goats appear in Boise neighborhood and chow down on gardens, lawns

Scores of goats chewed on the flora and fauna in a residential area of Boise, Idaho. Ruth Brown/Idaho Statesman via Associated Press

More than 100 ravenous goats stormed an Idaho neighborhood early Friday morning, chowing down on residents’ lawns and gardens for about an hour and a half before a truck arrived to help round them up, according to Boise TV station KTVB.

Video and photos posted by a reporter showed the goats wandering through front lawns eating grass, trees, and flowers.

“They are going house to house eating everything in sight. Nobody has a clue where they came from,” reporter Joe Parris tweeted.

The goats apparently escaped from a nearby site, where they had been put to work clearing weeds, according to the Idaho Statesman.


KTVB reported that a truck bearing the name “We Rent Goats” soon arrived to remove the hungry herd.

Herds of goats are often used as a natural way to clear brush. The city of Boston deployed a handful of goats in 2014 to take on poison ivy in Hyde Park.

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