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ALBANY — The deadline for removing New York’s ‘‘I Love NY’’ highway signs is fast approaching, and neither the state nor the federal government seems to be backing down.

Without a deal by month’s end on Sunday, New York could lose $14 million in federal highway funding.

Mike Reynard, a spokesman for the Federal Highway Administration, told the Associated Press this week that his agency and state Department of Transportation officials continue to discuss the issue.

The big blue signs posted in groups of five along roadways from Long Island to Buffalo were touted by Cuomo as a key component in his effort to boost the state’s $100 billion tourism industry. But even before the first of the 514 signs was erected in 2013, the Federal Highway Administration warned state officials that the advertisements didn’t adhere to regulations, contained too much information, and were too distracting to drivers.


Cuomo went ahead with the $8 million program anyway.