WASHINGTON — The Golden State Warriors spent about an hour with former president Barack Obama Thursday at Obama’s office in Washington before the defending NBA champs beat the Wizards, 126-118.

President Trump, via tweet, rescinded a White House invitation in September 2017 to celebrate the team’s 2017 championship after Stephen Curry and some other players said they would not go. And last June Trump said he had no intention of inviting the 2018 NBA champs to the White House.

Curry said he had no idea where the idea to visit Obama came from. All-Star forward Kevin Durant said it was amazing, and forward Draymond Green called it a ‘‘good private team meeting.’’


Players and coach Steve Kerr were reluctant to talk about it.

A photo was posted on Instagram but has since been deleted.

The Warriors celebrated their 2015 NBA championship with Obama at the White House in 2016.

Curry, who has been critical of Trump, has said that he hoped to send a message by snubbing the Trump White House invitation “that we don’t stand for basically what our president has — the things that he’s said and the things that he hasn’t said in the right times, that we won’t stand for it.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr also has said he would prefer not to attend a White House event with Trump.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James took to Twitter in September of 2017 to criticize Trump, calling him a “bum.”

“Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up!” James tweeted.