Plenty of dogs are good dogs, but only one can be “Best in Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This year, King, a wire fox terrier, took home the title at the 143rd dog show, but several pooches turned heads over the course of the competition.

Winky, the bichon frise, grabbed the audience’s and the Internet’s attention as she took her time during the agility championship preliminary competition on Sunday.

She calmly traversed tunnels and eased her way through the weave poles, stopping for a few seconds at the top of one of the ramps to soak in the cheers from her fans in the crowd.


That little ball of white fuzz zooming across your screen? That’s Gabby, the Papillon who won the agility championship for the 8” Class Title. Thanks to the dog show’s carefully placed cameras, you can see Gabby whip though the tunnel and zip through the weave poles. She only stopped to bring down the other side of the teeter-totter before taking off again.

In the 16” Class Title, border collie P!nk not only took home first place in her class size but was the fastest out of all the divisions, clocking in a 31.23 second run. Blink and you might miss P!nk flying across the course, finishing seconds ahead of the other dogs in her class size. To celebrate her win, P!nk leapt into her trainer’s arms for a hug.

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