New York officials say 17-year-old has died from vaping illness, first in the state

Tony Dejak/Associated Press/Associated Press

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that a 17-year-old in the Bronx has died from a vaping-related illness — the first vaping death reported in the state.

Cuomo did not otherwise identify the person who died, but called vaping a “public health crisis.”

“Parents have to know, young people have to know, you are playing with your life when you play with this stuff,” he said Tuesday.

The death in New York is the 23rd vaping-related death reported nationwide. Eighteen were confirmed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week, and several others have been reported since the agency’s most recent public update.


Massachusetts announced the state’s first vaping-related death Monday — a woman in her 60s from Hampshire County.

Cuomo said health officials in New York are investigating the details of the person who died there.

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