Globe to publish ‘Real Romney’ book in January

The Boston Globe, building on its 2007 seven-part series about Mitt Romney’s life and reporting throughout his business and political career, will release a detailed book about the Republican presidential frontrunner in January.

“The Real Romney,” to be published by HarperCollins, will delve into the failure of Romney’s 2008 White House campaign, his political rebirth since then, as well as his personal relationship with his wife, Ann, his childhood in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and his relationship with his father, the late George Romney.

The book will be authored by Michael Kranish, the Globe’s deputy Washington bureau chief, and Scott Helman, who covered Romney’s 2008 campaign and subsequently served as the paper’s political editor.


“In ‘The Real Romney,’ Kranish and Helman delve into the psyche of a complex man now at his most critical juncture – the private Romney that few people see. They show the remarkable lengths that Romney has gone to in order to succeed in politics and business, shrewdly shifting identities as needed, bringing tough-minded strategy to every decision, and always carefully safeguarding his own public image,” Harper said today in a press release.

“As the 2012 primary season will be in full swing by this January, The Real Romney will be essential reading about this politician, whom, even after his 10 years of high-profile public service, many Americans still don’t feel they know,” the release said.

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