Mitt Romney plans mailer for New Hampshire

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is planning a statewide direct mail campaign in New Hampshire, with postcards featuring US Senator Kelly Ayotte and other local politicians.

The mailing comes as Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, tries to fend off a challenge from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. While Gingrich has only recently begun building up his organization in New Hampshire, Romney is trying to capitalize on a strong organization that he has been building in the state for over a year. Romney has secured numerous endorsements from the state’s top Republican politicians.

One side of the mailer features Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican, her husband Joe Daley, and Romney standing side by side at a rally, with a quote from Ayotte stating that Romney “has the background and experience that’s needed to get our fiscal house in order, turn around our struggling economy, and put Americans back to work.”


The other side of the mailer varies by district, with 10 versions going out to different geographic areas. The mailers feature a quote and photograph of Romney with that area’s local politician. Those featured include Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley; State Senators David Boutin, Jack Barnes, Jim Rausch, and Chuck Morse; Executive Councilors Ray Burton, Chris Sununu, and Ray Wieczorek; former state Senate President Tom Eaton with Cheshire County Attorney Peter Heed; and Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard with Executive Councilor Dan St. Hilaire.

“The mailers showcase our strong statewide support and formidable grassroots organization in New Hampshire,” said Romney spokesman Ryan Williams.

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