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Newt Gingrich plans new ads with another donation from casino magnate

A super PAC supporting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Republican presidential campaign is launching a major new advertising blitz, after receiving another large donation from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

A spokesman for the super PAC, Winning Our Future, declined to comment on the donation, which the Associated Press reported is “similar to” the two $5 million dollar donations that Adelson already gave the super PAC.

But the super PAC will begin airing a series of new ads this week in Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, which vote March 6, and in Mississippi, Alabama, and Kansas, which vote later in March.

One 30-second ad running in those states features voters criticizing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. “I can’t figure out what he stands for. It changes,” says one voter. “I just don’t relate to Romney,” says another. The ad segues to images of Gingrich campaigning, as a narrator declares that Gingrich can beat President Obama, and praises Gingrich’s proposal to lower energy prices. A 60-second version of the same ad includes additional footage of voters praising Gingrich.

Another new ad features an animated version of Romney sitting in a waiting room. “After five years of running for president, Mitt Romney has been cued up to be the GOP establishment’s next guy in line,” the narrator says. “However, conservatives are fed up with the establishment picking our candidate for us. We want a candidate who holds to America’s values and the Constitution.” The cartoon Romney holds a number, which flies out the window. The ad never mentions Gingrich.


The super PAC is also releasing new national radio ads. Two of the ads feature an aggressive-sounding man named Joey calling into a radio show criticizing Romney and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, and promoting Gingrich as the candidate who can beat Obama.


“If you really want to stick it to the bums in DC, it’s Newt. The guy’s a fighter and he ain’t afraid to hurt nobody’s feelings,” Joey says in one ad. “We need somebody who can knock some heads and tell these guys in DC it ain’t about them, it’s about our country,” he says in another.

The final add features a woman saying Gingrich “would whip Obama.” The woman says Romney “isn’t one of us” and points out that Santorum lost his Senate seat.

The ad blitz comes as Gingrich is quickly losing momentum in the presidential campaign. He has not won a state since the South Carolina primary on Jan. 21. He is hoping for a resurgence in states that vote March 6, including Georgia, the state he represented in Congress.

Though Gingrich’s campaign has raised far less money than Romney or Texas Representative Ron Paul (he has raised more than Santorum), the super PAC has allowed him to have a significant presence on air. The group has so far spent $11 million on advertising, much of it attacking Romney, according to data compiled by the Sunlight Foundation.

Adelson and his wife, Miriam, who live in Las Vegas but have a home in Newton and a corporate office in Needham, already gave $10 million to Winning our Future. Their children contributed another $1 million. In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, Adelson said, “I might give $10 million or $100 million to Gingrich.”

Adelson and Gingrich are old friends, and both are strongly pro-Israel. In a recent Fox News interview, Gingrich said the reason Adelson is so supportive of his campaign is because Adelson is worried about Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon and about the survival of Israel, and he believes Gingrich is the strongest candidate on those issues.


Adelson is CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which operates The Venetian resort and casino in Las Vegas and other properties. He also owns casinos in Macau and elsewhere.

Shira Schoenberg can be reached at sschoenberg@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @shiraschoenberg.