Mitt Romney talks about his NFL owner friends

Putting football cleats in his mouth, Mitt Romney has once again reminded voters of the crowd he runs with -- and they aren’t fans in the nose-bleed seats.

Just two weeks after taking heat for saying he has friends who are NASCAR team owners, Romney is now name-dropping his friends who are NFL team owners.

The former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate, in an interview with an Alabama radio show, was asked which team he thinks quarterback Peyton Manning ought to go to.


Romney responded that he’s surprised Denver is thinking about him. “I don’t want him in our neck in the woods,” Romney said.

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Then he continued: “I have a lot of good friends, the owners of the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets – both owners are friends of mine. But let’s keep away from New England so that Tom Brady has a better of shot of picking up a championship for us.”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Romney having friends who are team owners. But it won’t help a candidate who is trying his hardest to connect with everyday voters.

After Romney made a comment last month that he is not an ardent NASCAR fan but he has “some great friends who are NASCAR team owners,” the Democratic National Committee pounced on Romney’s words to make him appear out of touch. Expect more of the same.

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