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Scott Brown: Elizabeth Warren’s criticism of his health insurance decision is ‘sad’

Senator Scott Brown was embraced today by student Amanda Smart, of Boston, as he visited Bunker Hill Community College for a speech.Charles Krupa/AP

Senator Scott Brown said today that "it's sad" for rival Elizabeth Warren to criticize his decision to continue insuring one of his daughters through the Obama administration health care law that he has opposed and tried to repeal.

"For her to call me a hypocrite as to how Gail and I provide for our family, it's sad," Brown told reporters after a speech at Bunker Hill Community College. His wife is former Boston television reporter Gail Huff.

Warren, Brown's likely Democratic challenger this fall, never personally applied that label to the senator. Instead, she said during a speech Tuesday that "it is wrong" for him to oppose the law while using it keep his 23-year-old daughter, Ayla, on his congressional health plan.


But Warren's campaign spokeswoman said Monday that Brown's decision was hypocritical, spelling out the word "H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y" in a statement.

During an interview on Monday with the Globe, Brown defended his decision. The Republican said that while he opposes the law enacted over his objection in 2010, he has been willing to incorporate popular parts of it into the health care law passed by Massachusetts in 2006.

The Obama law requires that all family insurance plans provide coverage for children until they are 26.

For federal employees, including members of Congress, it extended health care coverage from age 22 to age 26.

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