New GOP super PAC to play in Massachusetts congressional race

A newly created Republican super PAC is expected to become a player in at least one Bay State congressional race this year. Massachusetts Forward Inc., with an address at a post office box in Alexandria, Va., initially filed with the Federal Election Commission on May 24 and submitted an amended statement of organization on June 12, correcting a misspelling of Massachusetts (the original had one T and an extra S).

Chris Marston, the treasurer, declined to say which race the group intends to try to influence. But given the agreement between Republican Senator Scott Brown and his Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, objecting to the involvement of any outside groups, it is likely to be one or more House races, such as former Republican state Senator Richard Tisei’s challenge to Democratic incumbent Representative John Tierney in the 6th district north of Boston.


Marston works for North Rock Reports LLC, a Warrenton, Va.-based FEC compliance consultant to GOP candidates and causes, and held posts in the administration of George W. Bush. At one point, he declined to provide details of the super PAC’s plans, citing instructions from “the people in charge.” When asked who’s in charge, he said, “the people who pay me.”

The group’s first accounting of contributions and expenditures is due to be filed with the FEC on July 15, covering the period ending June 30, he said. If super PACs make any independent expenditures in support of or opposition to any candidates before that time, they must file reports with the FEC within 48 hours of the expenditure.

Super PACs may accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, and labor unions but must spend them independently of candidates and political parties.

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