Romney’s Ryan selection has little impact on favorability rating

Paul Ryan is the talk of the political town, but a Reuters/Ipsos poll published late Monday shows Mitt Romney’s selection of the Wisconsin representative as his running mate has done little to change Romney’s favorability rating.

In a survey conducted between Saturday, the day Romney added Ryan to the Republican ticket, and Monday, 51 percent of registered voters said the pick did not change their opinion of Romney. Voters whose opinions did change were essentially split: 26 percent said they viewed Romney more favorably because of Ryan, and 23 percent said they viewed the presumptive GOP nominee less favorably.

The poll showed Ryan, though he is well known in Washington as an advocate for trimming government spending, is still introducing himself to much of the country. Only 35 percent of voters surveyed said they were “familiar” with Ryan, and a fifth said they had never heard of him.


“He’s fairly unknown in who he is and what he stands for,” Ipsos vice president Julia Clark said in a Reuters story announcing the poll results. “He’s a Wisconsin congressman, not a nationally known figure.”

The poll included 508 registered voters and had a margin of error of 5.1 percentage points.

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