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He’s a prominent two-term governor of a well-known state. He’s regarded as one of the Democratic Party’s most eloquent and powerful orators. And he’s headed to the first-in-the-nation primary state to rally local activists in September, less than a year and half before the presidential primary election.

But a top political aide to Deval Patrick said the governor’s scheduled appearance at a New Hampshire county Democratic organization’s dinner on Sept. 12 is not a sign he’s considering a White House run.

“The governor is not running for president, but he is anxious to support good Democrats in New Hampshire who have been doing a really good job for the citizens there,” said John Walsh, the executive director of Patrick’s political action committee.


“We’ve been working hard to support both [Governor] Maggie Hassan and [US Senator] Jeanne Shaheen in their re-elections, and this is one way to rally the grassroots,” Walsh said.

Patrick is scheduled to headline the Carroll County Democratic Committee’s annual Grover Cleveland Dinner — a yearly fundraiser and gathering of local activists.

WMUR earlier reported the news.

Chris Meier, a North Conway resident and the chairman of the group, said he thinks Patrick is doing a fantastic job leading Massachusetts, gives a great speech and can rally the troops the midterms.

As for a potential Patrick presidential run?

“I would love to see him as a candidate,” Meier said. “I think he would add some significant depth to the field and would be a fantastic choice.”

Patrick, an ally of President Obama who was a frequent surrogate for him during the 2012 battle for the White House, has repeatedly said he’s headed for the private sector when his second term as governor ends early next year and is not running for president in 2016.

Speaking to reporters in June, he reaffirmed that he has no ambitions to succeed Obama, but acknowledged that the press might not take him at his word.


“I’ve always said what I meant and nobody has ever believed it. So, you know, there you are. I’m saying what I mean,” Patrick said at the time. “I have a record of saying what I mean and doing what I say, but you don’t believe it.”

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