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Berwick raises more than competitors in first half of August

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Don Berwick may be lagging in the polls, but he’s already a winner when it comes to hauling in campaign cash.

In the first two weeks of August, Berwick topped his two Democratic rivals — Attorney General Martha Coakley and Treasurer Steve Grossman — and Republican Charlie Baker, widely expected to be the GOP’s nominee for governor, according to state filings or numbers provided by the candidates’ campaigns. Baker had the most money in the bank among those candidates.

As they draw down their campaign accounts, often to spend significant sums on television advertising, fundraising remains an important metric of a candidate’s strength.


From Aug. 1-15, Berwick raised $97,000, spent $156,000 and ended Friday with $527,000 in cash on hand, according to his filing with the state’s Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Grossman, who has been airing TV ads widely, raised $83,000 during that period, spent $381,000 and ended Friday with $222,000 in the bank, according to campaign spokeswoman Chandra Allard.

Coakley, who has also had a presence on TV, raised $69,000 during that period, spent $281,000 and ended Friday with $500,000 in cash on hand, according to spokeswoman Bonnie McGilpin.

Baker, who has been boosted on TV by a super PAC but has not yet launched his own spots, raised $51,000, spent $120,000 and had $1.2 million in the bank, according to approximate numbers from campaign spokesman Tim Buckley.

Numbers for the half-month period are due to the state from gubernatorial candidates on Wednesday.

Evan Falchuk, a former businessman, who is running as an independent candidate and self-funding much of his campaign, raised $1,000 during the two weeks, spent $83,000 and had $55,000 in the bank, according to his filing.

The Aug 1-15 report from Mark R. Fisher, a Republican businessman who is vying with Baker for the GOP nomination, was not yet available online Tuesday afternoon.


Nor were ones from venture capital investor Jeffrey S. McCormick and Christian pastor Scott Lively, two independent candidates running for governor.

Joshua Miller can be reached at joshua.miller@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @jm_bos.