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    Answers to the Capital Quiz


    1. C. The MBTA traces its history to a 1631 ferry from Chelsea to Charlestown and Boston.

    2. The omnibus was like a bigger, better stagecoach, and it made local stops along an assigned route.

    3. Railcoaches pulled by horses, known as horsecars.


    4. B. 8,000.

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    5. True.

    6. A streetcar that could bend in the middle.

    7. The song, written in 1949, was part of Walter A. O’Brien Jr.’s campaign for mayor. It was meant to call attention to his opposition to a recent subway fare increase and referred to the MBTA’s predecessor, the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

    8. A one-day transit shutdown due to lack of funds.


    9. The Boston Elevated Railway.

    10. A legislatively mandated 5-cent fare with free transfers.