Baggage of wealth burdens presidential candidates

Candidate wealth

The Globe tracked down estimates for the net worth of candidates who have announced a presidential run, or are considering running, using the most recent and comprehensive estimates available. The net worth appears in context of the average American's net worth, according to 2011 Census numbers.

The average American's net worth
$68,828 (2011 US Census report)

How the presidential hopefuls compare to the average American

NOTE: Chart does not include Donald Trump, whose net worth is more than any of the others combined. Trump's net worth, according to Forbes, is $4.1 billion. That's about 59,569 times the net worth of the average American.

NOTE: Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee have not held or run for office in years, and have since gone on to lucrative private sector careers. Bobby Jindal and Lincoln Chafee have held public office, but the forms they filed in Louisiana and Rhode Island are less comprehensive than the ones they filed federally when they were in Congress.

METHODOLOGY: In many cases candidates report their investments and liabilities in ranges, but the Center for Responsive Politics calculates a midpoint that it uses for net worth of federal officeholders. The Globe applied the same formula to candidates who filed for statewide offices.

SOURCES: Center for Responsive Politics, Federal Election Commission, Forbes, states of Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Florida

Patrick Garvin/Globe Staff