Candidate interviews

As the 2016 presidential primary marches on, Boston Globe political reporter James Pindell is sitting down one-on-one with primary hopefuls to discuss the race.

Watch all of James Pindell’s interviews with the candidates and hopefuls below.

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Hillary Clinton on opinion polls and more


James Pindell sat down one-on-one with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to discuss the Globe’s post-debate poll of New Hampshire Democrats and a host of other topics.

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When asked how she felt about the polls so far, Clinton said she has “a very clear mission in this campaign,” and argued that polls go up and down. She cited Bernie Sanders’ Vermont residency as one reason he was enjoying support in the early primary state.

The conversation also touched on President Obama’s decision to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016, Elizabeth Warren’s rise, Vice President Biden’s plans for 2016, and more.

James Pindell sits down with Bernie Sanders

During a sit-down in New Hampshire, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders reflected on this past year, especially as his popularity surged after announcing his run for the presidential candidacy.

“It has been an extraordinary ride,” Sanders said.


Sanders also spoke with James Pindell about the disappearing middle class, the importance of addressing climate change, and how to deal with the Islamic State group.

US Senator from Texas Ted Cruz talks climate change in New Hampshire

Senator Ted Cruz, the first Republican candidate to officially announce his candidacy for president, spoke to the Globe’s James Pindell about how he would stand out in what promises to be a crowded field in the 2016 race for the Republican nomination. The interview also touched on Cruz’s beliefs about climate change as “the perfect pseudo-scientific theory, because it can never be disproved.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich discusses his plans for 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich made his first trip to New Hampshire in sixteen years as he decides whether or not to run for the Republican nomination in 2016. In discussing the focus of the race, Kasich said, “social issues do matter, but it’s fiscal issues. Americans wants their kids to do better than they did. That’s what they care about.”