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Ayotte’s picks: chicken tenders, lobster mac-and-cheese

When it came time for US Senator Kelly Ayotte to offer a taste of her home state of New Hampshire to her colleagues, her choice wasn’t exclusively seafood or apple cider, but more comfort food.

The New York Times reported that every Thursday when the US Senate, one Republican serves food from their home state at an informal working lunch for the rest of the Senate GOP. Southern Senators serve BBQ, coastal states serve seafood, Midwestern senators offered their best beef and pies.

Predictably, the Times report said that Maine’s Susan Collins serves lobster and blueberry pie.


Ayotte’s office told the Globe they have hosted the lunch four times generally serving lobster mac & cheese and pork belly from the Common Man, a New Hampshire restaurant chain. However, last year they added, by popular demand, chicken tenders from the Puritan Backroom restaurant in Manchester. While the restaurant is owned by a prominent Democratic family, the tenders apparently are so good they had to be shared with her fellow Republicans.

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