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Though the Republican debate ended at around 11 p.m. Thursday, Donald Trump was still battling into the wee hours of the morning.

Trump, apparently unhappy with the questions posed to him by Fox moderators during the forum Thursday, leveled attacks against the panel of hosts, and in particular against Megyn Kelly, well into Friday morning.

“The questions to me were NOT nice,” Trump said immediately after the debate, according to the Globe’s Matt Viser.

Later, Trump unleashed a series on insults against the moderators on his Twitter account, saying that he enjoyed the debate even though the moderators were “not very good or professional.”


Kelly “bombed” during the debate, Trump said in another tweet, and retweeted one person who called the longtime journalist, political commentator, and law school graduate a “bimbo.”

Kelly had asked Trump about his past disparaging remarks about women during the forum.

The real estate mogul also called Frank Luntz, who held a focus group in which many were critical of Trump after the debate, a “low class slob.”

Trump’s tweets continued into Friday morning. See more of his posts below: