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Bernie Sanders a fan of Larry David’s impersonation of him

Bernie Sanders spoke at a town hall meeting on Sunday in Fort Madison, Iowa.Jeff Brown/The Hawk Eye via AP

During last week’s Democratic presidential debate on CNN, the country – i.e. Twitter – elected Larry David to play Bernie Sanders.

“Saturday Night Live” granted that wish over the weekend, with a memorable cold open in which David as Bernie joined Kate McKinnon as Scary Hillary and Alec Baldwin as a robotic Jim Webb. And David killed it, with his energetic version of the Brooklyn accent, the flailing arms, and the no-bull and doom-filled messages that have come to define Sanders.

Not since Tina Fey did Sarah Palin has an “SNL” impersonation been quite as on-point. A potent impersonation can alter the public perception of a candidate, as Fey proved, and David’s Bernie has that potential.


On the campaign trail in Iowa City on Sunday, Sanders embraced the impersonation. “In terms of Larry David, I think we’re going to put him up on the stage at our next rally – let him do it rather than me. He does it better than I do.”

Sanders also responded to the David-Sanders joke that the not-wealthy Sanders owns only one pair of underwear: “Last week, I bought my second pair of underwear,” the real Sanders said. “Please don’t write it down. That was a joke. I have an ample supply of underwear.”

On Sunday morning on ABC’s “This Week,” Sanders also told host George Stephanopoulos, “I think we’ll use Larry at our next rally. He does better than I do.”

Watch Bernie Sanders’s response to the impersonation:

Larry David as Sanders on ‘SNL’: