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In Dixville Notch, midnight voting lives on

The once grand Balsams resort in Dixville Notch, N.H., has long been known as the quirky spot where residents vote at midnight during the New Hampshire presidential primary and on Election Day.

With the resort now boarded up as new owners plan for a grander resort, the future of midnight voting remained an open question — with the prospect of ending a half-century-old tradition.

But fans of the early voting can take heart: While the 2016 presidential primary voting will not occur in the hotel’s historic ballot room, it will occur a “mobile ballot room” on the property, according to a spokesman.


But Dixville Notch will not be the only place where midnight voting will take place a little over a 100 days from now. The North Country communities of Hart’s Location and Millsfield are also planning to hold votes at the same time.

Under New Hampshire law a community can open and close voting at any time as long as all residents of that town vote. Each of these communities historically have under 20 residents eligible to vote.

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