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Prices for Trump merchandise plunge as Macy’s castoffs hit Web

Those who like Donald Trump’s style can turn to the Internet to make their wardrobe great again.BEBETO MATTHEWS/AP

NEW YORK — When eBay entrepreneur Dawn Weatherred heard Macy's and presidential hopeful Donald Trump were parting ways, she went on the hunt.

Gambling that Trump's menswear line would appeal to collectors after the breakup — which came after the Republican mogul blasted Mexico for exporting "rapists" and drug dealers to the United States — she stocked up on Trump ties and button-downs, listed them for sale, and waited for the bids to pour in.

They didn't.

"I have consistently dropped prices, [and] I can't give it away," Weatherred lamented of the less-than-huge interest in Trump fashions.

In the end, that's precisely what the California mom ended up doing — giving it away.


"I donated them to my neighbor to take to" — wait for it — "Mexico," Weatherred said.

"It's too ironic — but it's what I had to give them," she said, "so they took them."

Macy's dropped its deal to carry the line this summer, shortly after the billionaire's comments spurred hundreds of thousands of petition signers to demand that the store "Dump Trump."

The department store, which had sold the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection since 2004, disavowed the candidate's comments, saying "respect for the dignity of all people is a cornerstone of our culture."

(Trump countered that it was his decision, not the store's, to cut ties on the ties, suits, and cufflinks, saying that Macy's had caved to interest groups defending a broken US-Mexico immigration policy.)

Now, a search for the Republican's outfits on the Macy's website tells shoppers only, "This brand isn't currently offered online, but check out all the other great items we have below!"

Items merchandised under the name of Trump's daughter, however, are still available: For $360, a "shag-style vest from Ivanka Trump steps up your faux-fur game," Macy's promises.


Macy's spokeswoman Elina Kazan said that after the parting, Trump items were placed on clearance. She declined to disclose the fate of any leftovers that bargain hunters did not snap up.

Still, those who like Trump's style — as modeled by Mike Huckabee during last month's GOP debate (he said he wore a Trump tie) — can turn to the Web to make their wardrobe great again.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based eBay marketer Shlomo Spitalny offers Trump items through a contract with Macy's in which he purchases their goods for resale.

He says his orders were up from 64 items in September to 111 in October, noting, "It seems there is a trend of people purchasing more than one Trump item."

Trump himself still stocks his clothes and accessories at his Manhattan headquarters, along with his Success cologne, which is pitched as "a scent to inspire and capture the spirit of the driven man" — and was phased out by big-league fragrance seller Perfumania amid the outrage over Trump's immigration comments.

The Trump campaign declined comment on the merchandise.

At the Silk Tie Factory, a New York-based online retailer, you don't have to be a billionaire to get the Trump look: They're offering 30 to 70 percent off on The Donald's ties, including a blowout sale on a "grab-bag" that gets you five for $90, down from $297.50.

"Great bargain only $18 per tie!" screams a breathless promo. "How can we do this? Were Overstocked."

On Amazon, Trump's "Two-Piece Windowpane Suit," retailing at $141.44 to $279.99, was also in stock this week.


Amazon reviewer Joshua Shoenfeld gave the outfit, which includes a two-button jacket and flat-front pants, a Trump-worthy thumbs-up: "Well-made product. Love it. His line may have separated from Macy's, but it's excellent workmanship. Who cares about the name. It's quality."

Others capitalized on the chance to hang Trump out to dry for his signature bombast.

"I've found this sport coat to be the ideal coat to wear when making racist and derogatory comments about hard-working individuals," snarked reviewer Geoff Keller.

"Sure, some of Trump's clothing is made in Mexico, but hey, lay off the ironic comments. I look great."

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