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Bernie Sanders is most popular senator, poll says

Senator Bernie Sanders at a campaign event Monday in Atlanta.David Goldman/AP

It’s a pretty good Bern rate.

US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont appears to have stalled in his challenge to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. But, back home, Sanders is riding an 83 percent job approval rating, with just 13 percent disapproval in a new poll that tested all US senators. Sanders’ numbers are the best in the country.

A nationwide online survey conducted by Morning Consult quizzed 76,569 registered voters in 50 states between May and November. Nationally, 69 of 100 senators enjoy approval ratings of 50 percent or higher in their home states.

Maine Republican Susan Collins slots second, with a 78-16 split. Northern New England, generally, likes its delegates to the upper chamber, with Vermont’s Patrick Leahy, a Democrat, earning the fourth-highest approval rating and Maine’s Angus King, an independent, tied for ninth.


In New Hampshire, Republican Kelly Ayotte, facing a challenge next year from Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan, at 58-32 outpaced her cross-aisle colleague, Jeanne Shaheen, at 54-37.

Massachusetts’s Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, drew a 64-25 split and the state’s junior senator, Democrat Edward J. Markey, collected a 53-22 divide.

New England’s lowest approval ratings among senators, according to the poll? Rhode Island’s Democratic Sheldon Whitehouse, with a still-healthy 51 percent approval and 33 percent disapproval.

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