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Ben & Jerry’s co-founder makes Bernie Sanders flavor

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Bernie Sanders now has his own ice cream flavor, but it's not available in stores.

Ben & Jerry's co-founder Ben Cohen announced online Monday that people could enter a contest to win a pint of the limited flavor, called "Bernie's Yearning."

Cohen had previously stated in an appearance on MSNBC that he had considered the hypothetical flavor in honor of the Vermont senator's run for president.

There weren't any official plans to make the flavor, but Cohen said he developed the batch in his kitchen due to national interest from fans and news outlets.

The co-founder made 40 pints and donated 25 of them to Sanders' campaign. The rest will be given out to randomly-selected people who sign up.


"Nothing is so unstoppable as a flavor whose time has finally come," Cohen said in a statement on the website.

Cohen said the flavor also serves as a metaphor for the Vermont senator's policies and presidential campaign.

"When you open up the pint, there's this big disc of chocolate covering the entire top, and below it is just plain mint ice cream," Cohen said. "The disc of chocolate represents the 90 percent of the wealth that has gone to the top 10 percent over the last 10 years.

"The way you eat it, you take your spoon, you whack that big chocolate disc into a bunch of little pieces, you mix it around, and there you have it: Bernie's Yearning."

The ice cream was funded in part by Bernie 2016 and doesn't reflect the ice cream company's views. Both Ben & Jerry's founders have been constituents of Sanders' for the last 30 years, Cohen said.

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